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Bath - health, living body

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  In addition to the bath is enjoyable, but also a more relaxed and extremely enjoy sports. Under the appropriate temperature, allow water molecules to enjoy in the skin on the jump, and then gradually through the body, let every pores fully open to expansion, enjoy a breath, then achieves the soothing effect, say that it is bath ultimate enjoyment. Is medicine, bath has a spa and hot compress effect, especially for patients with bone and joint diseases, have assisted rehabilitation, reduce the pain of function; for long-term insomnia, anxiety or depression, with relaxing muscles, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation equivalent fruit. In addition, want to have blow play can be broken skin supple, can borrow from bath to plug the pores of waste discharge, so that the skin becomes shiny; want to thin and too lazy to exercise beauty by bath to promote metabolism, burn fat and eliminate excess water bubble is confident a good figure.
The expert points out, the benefits can be measured from the bath water temperature, water pressure and buoyancy of view. Among them, buoyancy and decompression, relax muscles most of the relationship, because the body in the water by the buoyancy, the weight will be reduced. It is recommended that you in the baths closed eyes, let the hands and legs floating on the surface of the water, feel the two minutes the body floating in the water feeling.
The biggest role in promoting the The new supersedes the old. bath. High temperature can accelerate blood circulation, expansion of pores, the body sweat discharge. Each human is discharged 1 kilograms of sweat, can take about 540 calories. Data shows, soaking in 40 degrees Celsius hot water for 20 minutes, about 200 calories. So when the bath, the water temperature is best kept at 30-40 degrees Celsius, the time of 20 minutes.
It also has the effect of cleaning the skin, because when you are immersed, will be a lot of sweat, and put the plug in the pores of the waste discharge, so that the skin becomes shiny, more can improve the skin color. So love beautiful girls to maintain the skin, at least every week to dip (soak) a bath (bath), so that the skin a good clean
Bath (bath) in addition to your skin can be improved, the effect of weight loss is also very good, especially the lower body obesity. The following introduction of weight loss bath, can not only improve the situation of the whole body fat, for the lower part of the obese friends more unexpected results.
Bubble bath body life
Bubble bath, in addition to is a kind of leisure to enjoy, for various disease such as arthritis, tendinitis also auxiliary nursing effect, even can make you lose weight Oh!
The pursuit of health, must pay attention to leisure, so that physical and mental relaxation, relaxation of the moment, and the bubble bath is a relaxed leisure activities.
Bubble bath benefits many, especially warm bubble bath or hot spring bath, because the bubble the heat of the warm bath, soak them and mechanical effect of water pressure, buoyancy can improve many diseases, so it can be as a kind of auxiliary natural therapy.
Bubble temperature water bath hyperthermia effect, including: helps relieve muscle spasm, reduce pain, increase of tendon tissue stretching, improve blood circulation and synovial fluid viscosity, phagocytosis, heat consumption, increase the endocrine, strengthen the immune system etc..
Also, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis and osteoarthritis patients, etc., often hot springs can reduce pain, promote the extension of the collagen tissue, improve joint mobility, and other benefits. In addition, the bubble hot spring of joint twin shrinkage stiff, tendonitis, neck or waist often pain, neuritis, athlete's foot and corns, etc. skin lesions, hemorrhoids, and also have effect on the improvement of the.