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Bathroom products common problem answer

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1, how to buy into the water? What kinds of specifications? What is the name of the overflow hole? Answer: (1), water is generally divided into: spring water (the most common), turning plate sewer (not used); spring water according to the size of the distinction is: the big bounce and bounces; big bounce in accordance with the functional distinction, is divided into: with overflow hole and is provided with a water overflow hole. Small spring water is overflow holes (2), the overflow hole is face to face in the basin of water more and more will in the pots along with a diversion hole to drain out the water, the hole is the overflow hole, and now a lot of new above basin, art basin, Jingdezhen art basin, and glass basin is almost without overflow holes, tap is not closed, water will be from the basin edge full out.
2, single hole and double tap tap what is the difference? Answer: 1. The so-called single faucet hole is basin has a hole, a water inlet pipe is in a hole, wash basin is only a hole; 2. Double tap also Erlian faucet, basin have two holes.
3, the surface plating is Matt or light? Answer: this shop product is generally the color for the chrome is "the bright chrome" the silver white 4, the stage basin, the Taichung basin, the basin of the basin is what is the difference? Answer: 1 Taiwan Basin is a basin is sitting on the table is on the stage of the basin. 2 Taichung basin is a basin about 10 centimeters higher than the table called the Taichung basin. Three sets of basin is the basin along the mouth with the table into a horizontal called Taiwan pots 5, glass basin, ceramic basin, art basin have what distinction? 6, shower, bathtub faucet hole size is not the standard? Answer: the size of the water hole is in line with national standards, "15 cm" 7, the same style of the faucet, why the price is not the same? A: first, the weight of the product is different from second: the material of the product is different third: the product's appearance of the plating is good or bad, the specification of the towel bar is how much? A: the standard is 60 centimeters long 9, the combination of the height of the shower is how much, how much can be adjusted? Answer: the general height of the combination shower is about 110 centimeters.