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A common problem of sanitary ware of choose and buy

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1, the choose and buy sanitary ware not by size, which leads to the "convenient" is not convenient. 
In recent years, consumers are increasingly willing to spend money on sanitary ware decoration, besides construction, follow-up investment is very big also, normally only buy sanitary and probably want to account for the total cost of 1/8. With various sanitary ware products, consumer is when the choose and buy, often the edition, buy back home only to find that with their own between wei yu not harmonious. Selected in the market, for example, the basin that wash a face is very beautiful, but returned home only to find bigger, encroached on implement part of the space, making tissue boxes and trash can "each with respect to everybody," every time the result is "convenient" are not very convenient. 
In this warns customer, at the design stage best consider whether to buy what products, in the construction can be according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the choose and buy products room, pipe lines, to create the installation condition, ensure that decorate a process can be completed smoothly. The product that defend bath can be used normal installation. In addition, the installation of the sanitary ware need very precise measurements, is sent 1 cm may also need to rework, so be sure to ask professional measure size, careless. 
2, thoughtless before construction, construction while modifying, road of water and electricity transformation no PIC, leave hidden trouble for the follow-up construction. 
Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will draw decorate a design for the owners, including the overall rendering hydropower road reconstruction, detail construction drawing and drawing, etc. But due to some owner inadequate communication with stylist beforehand, consider not attentive, as the construction progresses, the original design continuously put forward modification opinions, such construction while changes, as road reconstruction, water and electricity concealed work completed but found no PIC, leave hidden trouble for the follow-up construction. 
Special remind, between wei yu inside road of water and electricity modification, consumer should ask for a circuit diagram, prior to the designer if the change in the construction process, and consumers to communicate with the designer to draw a figure, and then start the construction, it is best not to construction and modified, so as to avoid future in wall construction, injured wire lead to disaster. 
3, the design is not flexible, the construction of a slight error will cause a series of rework. 
This kind of situation between wei yu is relatively common. As a fixed socket on the wall, only to find that the height of the ceiling rather than just the conflict, but has good ceramic tile, difficult to change. And as the basin that wash a face after installed, only to find that line can't normal, only a few turn again wear out from the bathroom cabinet, etc. 
To remind consumers to buy the product that defend bath before design of existing and future construction must be considered whether is feasible and flexible. Such as tap need to embed the appropriate water pipeline, bathroom ark for the installation of reserve enough space, sit implement need consideration wall is apart from, shower room needs to consider main wall, floor drain position wants appropriate etc, these conditions must consider well before the construction of domestic outfit, wei yu product won't be able to install and use.