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Pay attention to environmental protection to reduce pollution green to decorate home installs trend

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Decorate also try to avoid "excessive decorate", in order to reduce pollution 
Spring is the season that decorate, there has been more owners looking for city decoration companies to start up, the reporter understands from interview recently, more and more people no longer simply pay attention to indoor decoration is beautiful, but pay more attention to household environment and indoor air quality, advocating green, select material, health, decoration. 
Modern families, advocating "green home" 
Consumers are a decoration company discuss decorate weeks lady tells a reporter, she learned from the materials to decorate with wooden plank, paint coating material is pollution sources, such as can release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, is the invisible killer of human health, heard that serious can cause leukemia. So they found the size is relatively large specialized decoration company, hope I can from the aspects of decoration design, select material as far as possible to reduce pollution. 
We have learned, in domestic outfit consumer owners in the city, in order to catch the wedding in the youth decorates eager to account for a large proportion. Citizens Mr Wang to buy the wedding in May this year, the frantic, the few days urged decorate a company to take the time to remodel. Mr Wang said, he also knows the house that new clothes builds have pollution, should not be immediately check in, but the wedding and tide wait for no man. But Mr Wang told reporters, because need immediate occupancy, decorated this he in addition to pay attention to selection of green environmental protection product on select material, decorating go up to also try to avoid "excessive decorate", in order to reduce pollution. Tested at decorate good he also intends to please do a test, the air quality in residential in order to truly trust. 
Selling point - an outfit of green environmental protection enterprises 
Reporter recently visited our city much home decoration company, green decoration has become a mainstream trend in recent years, many owners will voluntarily in decorating a process to choose trust of green environmental protection material, especially pay attention to the choice of plate and paint. To this, many decoration company looking for materials suppliers, also put special emphasis on the product's brand awareness and related certification of green environmental protection. 
"On select material, we usually recommend customer choose regular production of brand products, both to ensure the quality of products, reduce the pollution of the material value, and better able to provide customers with a series of after-sales service." Zhejiang beautiful garden decoration, general manager of Huang Xiaofei said, in fact, any adornment material release a quantity to a certain extent, and choose environmental protection adornment material, because its release quantity within the stipulated by the state to release a quantity to, is in the scope of the human body is allowed to inherit, won't cause harm to human body health. 
Wenzhou jia and adornment relevant department director wu yue xiang said that they always advocate green decoration, in addition to help customers in the early selection strict quality clearance, also to provide customers with non-toxic, less poison, no pollution, less pollution, green construction technology and related supporting services such as indoor air quality management, to minimize pollution, improve air quality. 
, deputy general manager of wenzhou city red sun wood QinLe pointed out that the modern pursuit of environmental protection, the company production of solid wood floor to environmental protection, natural loved by consumers, sales have been good. The company agent of Japan to build the ceiling, wall panel and other products also have certain sound-absorbing, absorb formaldehyde, etc. QinLe said that in the future they will have to rely on new energy, new technology development and production of more high quality environmental protection products. 
Ensure the quality of the air, do it 
Although green home outfit to a certain extent, reduce the indoor air pollution, but is not to say that there is no pollution, but pollution is lower than the limits set by the state. So the expert inside course of study points out, in the process of decoration and fitment you want to be a man of heart, design special attention should be paid to the reasonable collocation to decorate material, fully consider the bearing capacity of interior space and ventilation rate; On indoor decoration construction technology, try to choose non-toxic, less poison, no pollution, less pollution of construction technology, the use of man-made board curf place, should be coated with paint, make its fully cured, it can form stable protection layer, in order to prevent the plate inside the formaldehyde sends out; In decorating a project, the use of formaldehyde elimination agent type of product, can effectively reduce the free formaldehyde in the man-made board. 
Summer should open the window, ventilation more send out let indoor air pollution, the day is cold in the winter can choose of indoor formaldehyde pollution has certain adsorption air purifier, also can undertake purification plants, the indoor bracketplant, aloe and other plant can reduce the concentration of indoor formaldehyde.