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"Pure observation in the" star hotel of experiential marketing or will become fashion sanitary ware industry

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In the habit of the Chinese children always their own good, good things other people's house. If one day the hotel are all smart toilet, you didn't feel home old toilet is too LOW? If can live free five-star hotel, can move the hotel toilet bath home again, would you be willing to pay? If you don't want, small make up can only feel sorry for you. 
"Pure observation in the" star hotel of experiential marketing or will become fashion sanitary ware industry 
Sanitary ware sales of experiential marketing 
It is understood that the current sanitary ware industry the main sales channels can be divided into two categories: one is store in the form of retail type, another kind is the project group. After see first the advantage of the stores can buy, but the price is higher, and the advantages of the project is in bulk purchase and the price is low, but once appear problem is all the product that defend bath to be replaced, so is there a pattern can experience before they buy, and also with favorable price to buy quality assured products? 
Recently, the southern metropolis daily reporter wrote an article "the hotel industry new modes: shopping malls There is no charge for accommodation?" , this article wrote: at present, part of the season started selling hotel rooms in Beijing the pillow, toiletries; Kai yuan hotel if better experience, guests can take it home to bed is tasted; Beautiful maple hotel guests can choose to buy at a low price hotel use exclusive custom products; Platinum tao cross-border selling arts and crafts. According to huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer Zhao Huanyan, according to the peninsula hotel in Shanghai has been established with top brands more than 7 0 business alliance, the hotel market income alone can account for 0% of total operating income of 2. In the future, the hotel has the potential to be a mall, consumers accommodation without money, room rate paid by brands. 
Refer to this model, if change bedding to things that defend bath, the feasibility of the same? The professional problems or to professionals to answer. 
The hotel is the best 
"The hotel is the best." Accord hotel group company general manager and Macao's hotel in guangzhou President zhang yong believes that the hotel is a big traffic entrance, also can become a platform. "Into the hotel, everything can be traded. Because these products are being display, and was show, because they have been showing value. This is a logical relationship. So, wool can be out in pigs." According to statistics, a 300 - room hotel, if the average occupancy rate is 80%, every day there are 240 customers was sold, 365 days a year, if there are some repeated use, or a people, plus some large banquet, formation flow will be more than one hundred thousand times a year. "If it is a hotel chain brand, can gather flow is hundreds of millions of people every year. The current flow is wasted, or do not produce a value. The members of traditional hotel, just prepaid phone, level up, some gifts. The real traffic is not being used." 
"Pure observation in the" star hotel of experiential marketing or will become fashion sanitary ware industry 
To this end, zhang yong throws a future the idea of the hotel business model: "consumer hotel need not money, room charge paid by brands." In fact, home inns C EO sun chien has put forward this concept. Home inns, he said, more than 100 million people a year accommodation traffic, in addition to the check in hotel guests provide accommodation function, can also create a lot of consumption, on this basis, a hotel, you can don't money. "Such as hotel prices are 200 yuan, 200 yuan hotel in the form of goods purchased items here." 
"Experiential consumption" is the rise of the Internet in the business field after a way to fight back, often mentioned to play this concept is now in the hotel industry, as a hotel service related industries, whether that defend bath to also want to comprehensive consideration, consider the consumer favorite consumption pattern is now what? Especially in this era of "lazy", should seize the consumers more out of every opportunity, now go out shopping has become a lot of young people's psychological barriers, all is not the reason of reason became a sales offer invalid reason: the weather is too hot, the car is blocking, way too far, no time... 
Three main psychological seize the consumers 
How to let the consumer more proactive and the packaged the durable goods to home? Small make up that can start from the following points: one is to experience, let the consumer the most direct can feel the product function and quality; The second is the taste, let the consumer at home also can enjoy the treatment of star hotel; 3 it is preferential, pay for products at the same time can also free hotel. Seize the consumers of the three psychological, whether in the star hotel, or in the high-end private clubs, you can get the favour of consumer products. 
In addition to the star hotel, but in other supply of sanitary ware are also can try to experiential marketing model development, especially the products use special populations, such as senior nursing home barrier-free space that defend bath, private nursing home the ageing of wei yu area are good experience area. For this part of the special groups, they not only have certain consumption ability, more accurate in consumer demand.