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10 overseas brand and China have to say the secret

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You will not feel strange, is also a foreign brand in China, why most of the public space hotel club can find TOTO, kohler retail star can do home outfit, and many of the big European is the water? China has the world's largest sanitary ware market, not a brand to the market. TOTO, kohler is how to open the Chinese market? Inax, American standard, only treasure, Hans, elegant, probe, duravit, Lufthansa, happy home, do what efforts? 
1, the Japanese brand 
Inax: high-end high-end helpless 
Inax and TOTO Japanese brand. 
Inax focus do smart technology, is also the first manufacturer in Japan do electronic lavatory. In Japan, inax belongs to Japan le living under the group of high-end brands, sales volume is more than TOTO. Inax's comprehensive antibacterial (materials, water, silver ions) leading technology, but due to the high-end positioning, price is very high (a bathtub, 300000, in Japan, TOTO and it is just the mass consumer goods), very few products sold in China. Only in some very high-end hotel. Or high-end real estate (Shanghai gubei area, for example) to see it. 
TOTO: engineering advantage from the localization 
In 1994, Beijing toto co., LTD. Was set up. Have appeared in the production of casting western-style bath after nanjing toto co., LTD., in the production of metal water plug part toto machine (dalian) co., LTD. TOTO's first overseas branch established the following year, TOTO machine (China) co., LTD., in up to the Chinese market at the same time, make the localization of marketing development. 
The localization of TOTO there are 11 factories in China, most of the products to sell in China is made in China. At the same time, the 11 factories are not in the production of all products. The main production of sanitary ware in Beijing. At the same time, the production of baths and basins in nanjing, dalian metal faucet and water to wash metal parts production, Shanghai hydropower production products, production of photocatalyst in guangzhou tiling, main production health ceramics production base in eastern China and commode. Production so that each have key products, the main products have been around the toilet can use the local mode of production is completed, the raise of raw materials and localization. 
2, the United States is a brand 
American standard: losing steam 
Established in 1985 in China's first factory, it is the first international sanitary ware brand to enter the China. The market has a great influence in China, and became a measure of domestic enterprises to learn to follow. But in recent years, due to various reasons, the underlying development speed, the influence is reduced, the current has been Japan le live group. Advertising does not reach the designated position, brand positioning, brand lack of connotation is the main cause of its backwardness. 
Keller: highly integrated into the Chinese market 
Founded in August 1995, kohler owned factory area of 60000 square meters of foshan, annual production of more than one million pieces. Followed by kohler production faucet of wholly owned factory in Beijing, in Shanghai pudong spark development zone set up wholly owned factories, production of cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, massage bathtub series and the latest development of cast iron cooking POTS series. As early as 1999, kohler bathroom products in China officially owns all the production capacity. 
Since then, kohler has acquired zhuhai jia DE kitchen appliances co., LTD. (production stainless steel water tank and the related accessories) as well as sun yat-sen and maple sanitary ware co., LTD. (the main production shower room and shower tub, whole bathroom, sauna room and bath crock, etc.). In terms of talent, most of the staff of this company is Chinese, each production bases of staff also do the localization. The talent localization, greatly reduce the expenditure of the personnel cost. 
3, ashkenazi brand 
Only treasure: high-end niche, difficult way 
Different from kohler, TOTO has two hundred and thirty years of experience in China's market development. Until 2004, Germany will only treasure China region as an important management strategy, set up offices in Shanghai, it is also a German only treasure to develop a sign of emerging markets overseas. 
Hans of: open the Chinese market gradually 
Is also a German brand, Hans case is bigger than only begin the treasure. In 2005, Hans of grand new factory based in China. In 2006, Hans of songjiang factory opening in China. In 2013, Hans songjiang plant phase ii of China formally put into production. We can see that Hans of gradually to open the Chinese market. 
The big four marriage patterns 
From the day of the battle of virtue three-line Derby we can see, in the Chinese market, done is too high, after all is not close to the consumer. If you want to close to the Chinese consumer, you have to close to the Chinese market. Into China in the early market share has been a few sanitary ware enterprises, after many big racking their brains to wei yu and the Chinese market, we can be summarized as "four marriage mode". 
1, the shareholding marriage: zhongyu and probe 
After long time ago, the probe is in zhongyu, probe increase in zhongyu holding. The two sides from the aspects of the company's equity structure, client, project coordination, a deep cooperation. Probe with zhongyu combination. 
Zhongyu is a marriage of masters, in addition to probe, in recent years, the Italian falper, Arblu, receiving Globo, Azzurra, marmorin in Poland and other European five big brands and zhongyu brands eggers, reached a strategic cooperation for eggers wei into the infinite vitality. At the same time make eggers internationalization route walk in the forefront of the industry. 
Interestingly, the performance is not ideal probe and standard in China, has been Japan le live group. 
2, OEM type marriage: duravit and four dimensions 
Four dimensions and ranked second among the world's top ten sanitary ceramics company Germany duravit company joint venture production of the annual production capacity of 500000 pieces of high-grade sanitary ceramics, this significantly improved the four-dimensional ceramics international visibility and competitiveness, but also make it with the background of foreign investment cooperation. 
In addition, earlier this year, chongqing duravit production base in the metro been huang industrial park officially started. The project total investment 600 million yuan, will start production in 2017, built in the year after production capacity of 1.45 million pieces, this a series of data makes the project duravit founded since 198, one of the biggest overseas investment. 
3, wholesalers type marriage: Lufthansa and colorful 
Colorful jia as Lufthansa in China the total agents, operating or Lufthansa in China companies in operation. But it is worth pondering, beauty jia also duravit agent in the pearl river delta. Lufthansa is more colorful in the storage capacity and channels of the extension ability, belong to product complementary cooperation. 
4, purchasing a marriage: LeGuHe eagle sanitary ware 
Happy home group acquired eagle holdings co., LTD., subordinate eagle bathroom all assets and jiangmen thing of sanitary ware. Home has huge sanitary ware market share in Europe, but want to pry open the Chinese market, and established enterprises in China and to work together.